At Nissan, our experienced Human Resources team work closely with line management carefully defining the selection criteria for the vacant roles, ensuring we source the right person for the vacant role. Nissan taps into a broad network of talent right across Australia through developing close working relationships with specialist recruitment agencies.

The key recruitment and selection steps are outlined below:


  • Sourced through specialist recruitment agencies, internal referrals, unsolicited applicants and tapping into our professional networks across Australia.
  • Applications to consist of CV detailing work history, copy of qualifications (where relevant) and a cover letter addressing the selection criteria.


  • Application reviewed against set criteria. This step is often completed initially by a recruitment consultant before being forwarded to the Nissan HR team.
  • First round interview with HR and the line manager at Nissan's premises. This interview will assess the applicant's ability across the key selection criteria.
  • Second round interview for shortlisted applicants will delve further into the complexity of the role and may include a workplace assessment, where the applicant will be given time to assess a case study and present their recommendations.
  • Reference checks - all candidates are reference checked prior to starting with Nissan. Suitable referees are individuals with whom you have previously worked, preferably your direct manager. Further guidance will be provided when relevant.


  • A verbal offer of employment will be made to the applicant by the Nissan HR team.
  • Following acknowledgement of interest from the applicant, a formal offer of employment will be made in writing.
  • Application to accept offer of employment in writing by returning a signed contract of employment.

Onboarding and Induction

  • The applicant will undergo an onboarding and induction phase where they will be introduced to the Nissan Way, Mindsets and Actions, ensuring they gain a thorough understanding of how Nissan operates at both a strategic and operational level.

If you are interested in a career with Nissan, please send your resume with cover letter stating what area of the business you are interested in joining and why to