'Nissan Intelligent Mobility'

Feel More Confident

Intelligent Driving

Intelligent Driving starts now, with driver assistance technology that helps you see and sense more, and gives you a hand when you need it.  

Feel More Excited

Intelligent Power

Boosts driving pleasure through power that is also clean and efficient. A zero-emission vehicle makes it possible. With instant acceleration and the fun of one-pedal driving, you’ve got an experience like no other.  

Feel More Connected

Intelligent Integration

Your Nissan can already connect seamlessly with your smartphone. The next step is smart vehicles that connect with each other, in an ecosystem that improves safety and traffic flow.  

^ Figures quoted are for a 40kWh battery. Time dependent on charging conditions, including charger type and condition, battery temperature as well as ambient temperature at point of use. Indicated rapid charging time requires use of a CHAdeMO rapid charger. The Nissan LEAF is designed to support the majority of journeys in daily life and is equipped with charging safeguards to protect the battery during repeated rapid charging sessions in a short period of time. The time taken for successive rapid charging can take longer if the battery temperature activates the battery safeguarding technology.