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3 Nissan GT-Rs with a dark background

Nissan GT-R

The evolution never stops


It wouldn’t suit the passionate engineers at Nissan to create only a cosmetic transformation for the GT-R T-spec. Special equipment gives it enhanced performance to match the looks – no small feat on one of the world’s most exhilarating supercars.


Forged wheels with wider front fenders

To enhance handling and grip, the GT-R T-spec wears special 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Manufactured by RAYS®, the wider-than-stock wheels require wider front fenders to allow for clearance, while adding even more visual muscle to the Nissan GT-R’s already powerful lines. The finishing touch, the wheels are painted a rich gold color.


Carbon ceramic brakes and special VDC tuning

A lesson learned from racing, carbon ceramic is strong, exceptionally light, and heat-resistant. Making the most of this technology, GT-R T-spec employs larger rotors and pads, plus an especially rigid caliper, wearing special paint that will not change color, even at temperatures over 1,800 degrees. The lighter weight of the braking system also reduces unsprung weight, enhancing handling and steering response. To take advantage of the chassis improvements, the GT-R T-spec also features special tuning of the VDC system for enhanced response.