Correctly attaching a trailer to your ute is critical, as failure may result in the trailer disconnecting. To save you the stress, we’ve put together a short video to help guide you through the process. 

STEP 1: Pull the pin and lift the handle

Start by removing the safety pin from the base of the trailer handle. Once removed, lift the handle up.

STEP 2: Line up

If required, jack up the trailer until there’s enough clearance between the trailer and the ute’s towball. You’ll want your ute as close to your trailer as possible at this point.

STEP 3: Lower trailer onto the towball

Lift and then gently lower the trailer onto the ute’s towball.

STEP 4: Release the trailer handle and secure the safety pin

To make sure the trailer remains locked onto the towball, simply release the trailer handle. Now it’s time to take the safety pin from earlier and slip it back into place. 

STEP 5: Connect the safety chain/s

To prevent your trailer from taking a nose dive, take your trailer’s safety chain and connect it to your ute. While you don’t want the chain to drag on the ground, make sure there’s enough slack for the ute and trailer to move freely.

If your trailer has two safety chains, cross these over before connecting to your ute. This is to help prevent the trailer from scaping the ground if it were to accidentally come loose.

STEP 6: Retract the trailer wheel

With the weight of your trailer resting on your ute, you can now retract the trailer wheel. Twist the wheel’s handle until it begins to clear the ground, then simply fold it up and wait for it to click into place.

STEP 7: Connect trailer lights / brakes

To connect your trailer lights or brakes, take the electrical cord from your trailer and plug this into your ute. The socket should be near the base of your ute’s towbar (typically with a flap covering it).

STEP 8: Test your lights

Always test your trailer lights work before driving off. Once you’ve been given the green light, you’re ready to hit the road.