Reversing a trailer can feel like a daunting task. To help break it down, we’ve put together a few simple steps that’ll have you reversing like an expert in no time.

STEP 1 – Get lined up

Before you start reversing, line your ute and trailer up as straight as possible. If you’re travelling with a mate, get them to jump out and act as your spotter. This is especially handy while you’re still getting the hang of things. Make sure you can see and hear them at all times.

STEP 2 – Adjust your mirrors

Shift your side mirrors until you see both sides of the trailer. Don’t worry about the rear-view mirror, your side mirrors will provide a better view of the trailer’s curvature and of the rear of your ute.

STEP 3 – Look behind you

Look over your shoulder while reversing, as this will help you judge the length of the trailer. Also make use of all the tools you have (e.g. your spotter) including a reversing camera if fitted. Now you can start to slowly ease back, following the curve.

STEP 4 – Push your hands in right direction

To prevent the disorientation that sometimes comes with reversing a trailer, try this simple technique. When moving the trailer to the right, place your hands on the bottom of the steering wheel and push to the right. To move the trailer to the left, push to the left.

STEP 5 – Be patient!

Reversing takes practice, and it’s unlikely you’ll nail it on the first go. If you feel the trailer begin to jack-knife, simply stop, pull forward and straighten up your ute. Keep making minor adjustments until the job is done.