Top 10 ute accessories as voted by Nissan drivers

A ute without its accessories is like a builder without his tools. We know that it can be difficult to decide which accessories will work best for you and your ute. So we asked our Nissan community to share their top 10 ute accessories.

10. Side Steps

Side steps provide easier access to your ute, which is especially handy if you have little humans or need to grab an item stored on the roof racks. Our drivers said they also provide added protection from stones, especially in the outback.

9. Snorkel

Snorkels are a popular choice among our ute owners, not only assisting with water crossings but also providing a cleaner air intake especially on dry, dusty roads.  Some of our owners thought they also made their ute look ‘more tough’.

8. Bonnet Protector

Our ute owners love this simple accessory, which helps shield the bonnet’s leading edge from flying stones, while also giving that extra-polished look to your ute.

7. Tubliner

Tubliners prevent damage to the ute tray from everyday use. Their durability provides great piece of mind as you can just throw stuff in the tray, protecting the tub from scratches, dents and spills. Our owners love that they make the ute look tidier and contribute to its overall ‘style’. 

6. Roofbars/Racks

Roofbars or roof racks not only look great, but they significantly increase the carrying versatility of your ute by allowing you to secure items such as bikes, canoes, kayaks or surfboards to the roof - perfect for weekend warriors. Some manufacturers also provide attachable roof pods for extra, secured luggage space.

If you’re in the market for a ute, roof racks were the item our community regretted not purchasing for their new ute. So, don’t forget them. 

5. Floor Mats

Ute owners considered floor mats a must-have accessory, containing the mess that comes from children or muddy trade work boots.  It’s much easier to just shake a mat instead of vacuuming food from the carpet of your ute. For easier cleaning, all-weather heavy-duty rubber mats are also available.

4. Canopy

A canopy makes it easy to take you and all your gear, whether it’s the worksite or the campsite. Our ute owners appreciate the added benefit of weatherproof, secure storage in the rear, and the versatility of being able to sleep in the back if you’re ever short of a tent. The flush finish of the genuine canopy is also a winner for enhancing your ute’s style.

3. Driving lights

You may think that standard lights are enough for your ute, however our fans recommend the addition of driving lights, especially when adventuring off-road in the dark. Not only are driving lights great for improving your ability to react, but our owners say they’re great for spotting wildlife.

2. Bullbar

A bullbar, typically made from steel or lighter alloy, protects the front of your ute from accidental collisions, such as an unexpected run in with a kangaroo. Our fans also found it to be a great structure to secure additional lights, fishing rod holders or a winch. Most drivers consider it a trusty addition for every ute and a must have for those weekend trips away.

1. Towbar

The tow bar is the holy grail of ute accessories and our owners voted it the number 1 must-have. The addition of a tow bar opens up a range of possibilities such as towing a trailer, boat, jet-ski, horse float or caravan. Even our drivers who don’t regularly tow recommend getting a towbar, because you never know when it might come in handy.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the best accessories for your ute, pop on down to your local dealership to check them out in person. We recommend purchasing Nissan genuine accessories for your ute, which are specifically designed and manufactured to give you excellent fit, reliability and performance. Nissan's warranty does not cover failure or damage to your Nissan due to the fitment of non-genuine parts and accessories.