MELBOURNE, Australia (November 16, 2022) – In its latest round of vehicle safety ratings, ANCAP has confirmed that the all-new Nissan X-TRAIL has achieved five stars.

Adult Occupant rating

In the adult occupant protection category X-TRAIL scored highly, with the X-TRAIL achieving 91%. The X-TRAIL is built with ultra-high-strength steel in key areas to improve rigidity while allowing the force of an impact to be absorbed and reduced before reaching the passenger safety cell. The addition of a far-side airbag to prevent the collision of heads between the driver and front seat passenger in the event of a side impact contributes to the excellent lateral impact score of 16 for the new X-TRAIL.

Child Occupant rating

In terms of child occupant protection, the new X-TRAIL achieved 90%. In the crash-test assessment for child occupants based on six and 10-year old children, the X-TRAIL scored 23.3 points out of a possible 24, reflecting the outstanding protection it offers young occupants.

Vulnerable road users’ rating

In the category of testing that assesses the vehicle’s ability to identify and alert drivers to pedestrians or other exposed road-users, the new X-TRAIL achieved an overall score of 74%. The X-TRAIL features several active safety aids, including Intelligent Emergency Braking, which warns the driver and applies the brakes if the car anticipates an impact with a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist. Equally, Moving Object Detection alerts the driver to a possibly unseen object in proximity to the vehicle.

Child Occupant rating

ANCAP recognises that it is always preferable to prevent accidents in the first place however, and awards points for technology which helps drivers avoid collisions.

The new X-TRAIL scored exceptionally highly here with a 97% rating, thanks to Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies. A comprehensive suite of these intelligent technologies is offered, including Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) which identifies when the car in front is braking and will start to brake the vehicle.

The all-new X-TRAIL also features Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention which senses when another vehicle has not been seen by the driver in a neighbouring lane and will actively steer the vehicle back into lane and away from the danger.

David Moss, Senior Vice President, Regional Research & Development, AMIEO, said: “The outstanding performances of both the new X-TRAIL and the Ariya, which are very different vehicles, built on different platforms, demonstrates the cross-car strategy Nissan has for its models. The development of all our vehicles starts with outstanding body engineering, through the use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure excellent structural integrity. This is complemented by an advanced suite of technologies that act as a second pair of eyes, identifying potential dangers and helping the driver to avoid an accident."

He added: “This comprehensive testing and rating programme from Euro NCAP really allows consumers to understand our dedication to safety and how seriously we take our customers’ welfare.”

In Europe, the Euro NCAP result is being published at the same time, awarding both the Nissan X-TRAIL and the all-electric Nissan Ariya a five star rating.

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