Towing with your Patrol


Nissan has always offered our owners some of the most capable towing vehicles in Australia. To ensure the safety and reliability of these vehicles, we encourage all our owners to familiarise themselves with their individual vehicle’s capacities and requirements when towing. Here you can find an overview of towing definitions and important considerations when towing.

Nissan ARIYA on a curved mountain road at night

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Definitions of terms on this page

Operating precautions

Unbraked Towing Capacity¹

750 kg

Y62 Patrol

Braked Towing Capacity¹

3,500 kg

Y62 Patrol

Gross Rear Axle Capacity¹

2,030 kg

Y62 Patrol

Maximum load limits

Maximum towball download & maximum gross axle weight

Accessories & modifications

Kerb Mass

2,812 / 2,861 kg

Y62 Patrol Ti / Ti-L

Gross Combined Mass

7,000 kg

Y62 Patrol Ti / Ti-L

Payload / Carrying Capacity¹

688 / 639 kg

Y62 Patrol Ti / Ti-L

Towing safety

Loading your trailer

Final checks before starting out

¹ Towing capacity is subject to towbar/towball capacity. The capacity may be reduced if a non-genuine Nissan towbar is fitted.