Reimagining the look and feel of the Patrol.

When creating the Nissan Patrol we never lost sight of its long, proud history and reputation for versatility, capability and extreme performance. The Patrol drives forward carrying not just its proud reputation but also a distinct sense of refinement, ground-breaking technology and exceptional comfort. Introducing the Nissan Patrol - the next great advance in 4x4.

Innovation for all.

  • All new 5.6 litre V8 engine (298kW / 560Nm)
  • 7-speed automatic with manual mode
  • 3,500kg braked towing capacity
  • ALL MODE 4x4 with Multi Surface Selection
  • Rear View Camera

Beyond Power.

The Nissan Patrol’s VK56VD 5.6 litre V8 engine, an engine that’s the most powerful in its class but still boasts remarkable fuel efficiency, lets you go where others don’t dare. With its 298kW of power and a beyond exceptional 560Nm of torque, even the most unwelcoming terrain can be tamed. Go forth and conquer.

Patrol vs Beethoven

Patrol vs Beethoven

The Nissan Patrol is the most powerful and refined 4x4 Nissan has ever made and needed a track to match. So we built a 4x4 track based on the soundwave of Beethoven's Ninth to test out the vehicle.

The Patrol has new innovations in safety, capability and power, these combined with the V8 Petrol Engine make this one of the most advanced 4x4s Nissan has ever produced.

Stay grounded.

Both Ti and Ti-L models boast the state-of-the-art Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) suspension system. Acting as both shock absorbers and stabiliser bars, the HBMC system ensures you stay on the ground, even when you’re off the beaten track.


We've placed enormous weight on its ability to tow.

With its 3,500kgs of braked towing capacity, smooth acceleration, outstanding steering stability and positive handling you’ll find the Patrol delivers when towing even your biggest challenges or toys. Prepare to have your expectations surpassed.

Perfectly at home away from home.

Thanks to its All MODE 4x4 Multi Surface Selection technology, the Patrol really is an all road, all rounder. With a simple button push you’re ready to take on a snow covered alp, traverse through boggy bush or conquer an outback desert.

Always be prepared for the road ahead.

The Patrol Forward Collision Warning system (FCW) can prevent you from being involved in a pileup collision even when the vehicle’s involved are outside your field of vision. Using the same forward radar system the intelligent cruise control will also maintain a consistently safe following distance. Always drive with foresight.