Genuine Vehicle Care

Give your Nissan the care it deserves.   

Keep your Nissan looking in top condition by following these simple tips. 


Try to wash your Nissan after it rains to prevent any acid rain related damage to the paint’s surface. It’s also a good idea to wash your Nissan after driving on coastal roads, which can cause salt corrosion, and when your vehicle gets dusty or muddy. 

Contaminants like soot, bird droppings and bugs should also be washed away whenever they come into contact with the paint’s surface. And if you live in an area that uses winter road salt, wash your vehicle’s underbody and wheels regularly to reduce build up. 

Waxing and polishing your vehicle after washing will also help maintain the new vehicle look. 


Always remove dirt and dust from the leather/cloth material seats with a vacuum or soft bristle brush and wipe hard surfaces with a damp cloth. 

Floor mats can also extend the life of your vehicle’s carpet and make it easier to clean. Regardless of the mats you use, be sure they are fitted well and properly positioned so you can operate the pedals normally. Mats should be cleaned regularly, and of course replaced if they become excessively worn.