Salary Sacrifice

Did you know your employer can help you get into a brand-new Nissan?

When you salary sacrifice a Nissan with your employer, you’ll see that combining the potential for tax minimisation and Nissan’s novated pricing will exceed your expectations.

You will receive Nissan’s novated pricing when you salary sacrifice a new Nissan.

The purchase of any new Nissan vehicle also entitles you to the following great benefits:

  • A wide range of exciting Nissan vehicles to choose from*
  • 3 year or 100,00km warranty (whichever occurs first), with the option to extend~
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance for 3 years#
  • Access to myNissan Service Certainty^
  • 190+ authorised Nissan Dealers across Australia

Speak to your employer about your eligibility to salary sacrifice, or speak to your dealer about Nissan’s novated pricing.

If you wish to obtain a quote, please speak to a salary sacrifice provider.

Who qualifies for Salary Sacrifice?

Many employers allow their employees to access salary packaging benefits.

Employers in industries such as health, emergency services, education and the not for profit sector may be eligible to salary sacrifice. Employees of medium to large organisations are also often eligible to salary sacrifice.

Speak to your employer to determine if you are eligible to salary sacrifice.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

A salary sacrifice is an arrangement where an employee may give up some of their salary in exchange for something of similar value, such as a motor vehicle.

Employers and their employees must commonly enter into this type of arrangement, as there may be tax or other benefits in doing so.  Vehicles can be packaged in three ways;

Salary Sacrifice
Salary Sacrifice occurs when an employee chooses to sacrifice part of their cash salary in exchange for the cost of financing a vehicle.

This product is similar to a finance lease and is predominately used as a Salary Packaging tool in conjunction with a Novation Agreement, allowing the employee to drive the vehicle of their choice. The Novated lease specifies that the employee (lessee) assumes the responsibility for lease payments from their pre-tax salary.

The employee enters into a finance contract with your nominated Salary Packaging provider and the employer and employee simultaneously enter into a Novation Agreement with your nominated Salary Packaging provider, under which the lessees obligations are transferred to the employer who then pays the monthly rental usually from the employee's pre-tax income. 

If the employee changes their employer, the payment obligation automatically reverts to the employee; the employee may be able to re-novate with the new employer.

A Novated Lease offers:

  • Fixed repayments with choice of term and vehicle subject to your nominated Salary Packaging providers lending criteria
  • Possible tax benefits even though the vehicle may be predominately for private use

Car Allowance
A car allowance is a set amount of money that an employee receives in addition to their salary to cover the cost of purchasing a new car or car-related costs. This typically occurs when an employee uses their personal vehicle for business purposes.

Nissan’s novated pricing and related salary sacrifice advertising material is provided as general information and does not take your personal circumstances into account. Please consider whether this information is right for you before making a decision and seek professional independent tax or financial advice. Conditions and fees may be applied by your employer’s preferred Salary Packaging provider, along with credit eligibility assessment criteria. The availability of any salary sacrifice benefits is subject always to your employer’s approval.

*Excludes GT-R.
~You have the option of extending your warranty for up to a further 3 years.
#Terms and conditions apply, please visit
^For full program details visit