Choose your X-TRAIL to suit the way you play.

Now the family can see everything too. The 2WD and 4WD petrol plus the 4WD diesel models are packed with innovative features. So whether you’re headed for the beach, the bush, the desert or the city - you can be sure there’s an X-TRAIL for you.

Innovation for all

Innovation for all.

  • 2.5 Ltr 4 cylinder petrol engine (125kw/226Nm)
  • 2,000kg braked towing capacity
  • Intelligent ALL MODE 4x4-I with electronic 4WD selection
  • Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist
  • Around View Monitor

Available on the Nissan X-TRAIL Ti


Once you’ve used a parking monitor, you’ll never look back.

Both the Ti and TL models have an Around View® Monitor* (AVM) to give you a birdseye 360 degree view of the car to get you into the tightest of parks. Too easy.

*AVM is a driver’s aid only. It cannot completely cover blindspots and cannot detect moving objects. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle.

The X-TRAIL loves playing in the dirt.

Now there's no need to go through all the hassle of washing down the dogs or your toys before driving away. Simply wash away the adventure when you get home by taking out the luggage boards and hosing them down.

Brighten up your day

Both the Ti and TL models come equipped with a supersized electric tilt slide double sunroof to maximise light and airflow. Now every day drive can be an enlightening experience and every night drive can be your passengers’ lightshow.

Brighten up your day
Bring out the big toys. The X-TRAIL has power to tow.

Bring out the big toys. The X-TRAIL has power to tow.

Whether you’re into speed boats, trail bikes or jet skis, the X-TRAIL has the power to bring them with you. The 2WD manual models have up to 1,500kg* braked towing capacity while the manual 4WDs can tow up to a whopping 2,000kg*. That’s real power.

* Towing capacity is subject to towbar/towball capacity. The capacity may be reduced if a non-genuine Nissan towbar is fitted.

Heated/Cooled cupholders.

Four of the eight cupholders are connected to the climate control system to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. Why miss out on one of life’s little luxuries just because you’re miles from home?

Life as a LEAF Owner.