Power. Innovation. Comfort.

If you're looking for a vehicle to drive you seamlessly from work to play and everything in between, the Nissan Murano is ready to take you there.

The new 2014 Murano is now available with the Ti model featuring larger 20" alloy wheels, integrated traffic monitoring via the Satellite Navigation System and an incredible suite of brand new safety features designed to keep you, and everyone else on the road safer than ever before.

Innovation for all

Innovation for all.

  • 3.5 Ltr 6 cylinder VQ engine (191kW/336Nm)
  • Electronically adjustable heated leather accented seats^
  • Reversing camera with Predictive Path technology
  • Power tailgate and rear fold seats
  • Satellite Navigation with Traffic Monitoring 

Available on the Nissan Murano Ti

^ Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material.

The smoothest acceleration yet.

The Murano isn’t a 5 speed auto. Neither is it 6 or 7 speed. With Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), we’ve made an auto gearbox with an infinite number of ratios, to make acceleration smooth and seamless. Almost effortless.

The smoothest acceleration yet
Rear Reversing Camera with Predictive Path Technology
Blind Spot Warning in the Murano Ti instantly alerts you when a vehicle enters the blind spot warning zone (as pictured here)
Lane Departure Warning in the Murano Ti instantly alerts you via a display indicator and an audible warning should you veer off course
Moving Object Detection in the Murano Ti will provide both a visual and audio alert if any movement is detected in the direction you are taking off

All new standards in safety.

Parking is easy thanks to the Murano’s rear reversing camera. The Predictive Path Technology even guides you in by showing the angle you’re coming in on so you can park millimetre-perfect every time.

In the 2014 Murano Ti you’ll find an incredible suite of brand new safety features including blind spot warning to reduce the need to constantly perform those awkward head checks, lane departure warning to alert you if you veer off course and moving object detection to alert you to any obstacles that are in your way when taking off. 

* A reversing camera is a driver’s aid only. It cannot completely cover blindspots, and may not detect moving objects. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle.

Satellite Navigation: You'll be lost without it.

Satellite Navigation: You'll be lost without it.

No need to rely on roadmaps or smartphones having coverage. The HDD Satellite Navigation system in the Murano Ti will get you there. Complete with steering wheel controls, it comes with 3D mapping, showing clean, clear and simple graphics via a 7” colour display screen.

Integrated Traffic Monitoring also supplies live traffic updates directly to the navigation system, so if there’s a delay or obstruction on your planned route, where possible, the navigation system will automatically re-plot an alternative route to help avoid the problem and keep you moving.

No more fumbling for keys.

The Murano comes equipped with the Intelligent Key system and Push Button ignition. You leave your key in your pocket or bag. You open the car door. You push the button. You drive away. Simple. Like all good technology ought to be.