The Nissan Micra is the car that's in sync with your city. It's as skillful zipping through the crowded streets as it is getting you into the smallest of parking spots. At the same time, Micra is packed with plenty of features to make getting around more fun than ever.

Innovation for all.

  • 15" alloy wheels
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • Front passenger's seat bag holder
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Intelligent Key with push button start

Available on the Nissan Micra Ti

Instant parking expert.
Just add Micra.

With smart reversing sensors in the Ti, the Nissan Micra makes reverse parking effortless. You’ll be so much a parking expert, you’ll never drive pass a tight parallel park again.

The city is your playground.

The Nissan Micra has one of the smallest turning circles in its class - only nine meters. You'll be zipping through the tight inner city lane ways, crowded streets and on the freeway with all the skills of an expert. Dead ends? Dead easy.

No more fumbling for keys.

The Micra also uses the intelligent key system. You leave your key in your pocket or bag. You open the car door. You start the engine. You drive away. Simple. Like all good technology ought to be.

The driving computer that remembers your anniversary.

The Nissan Micra's drive computer checks your average and current fuel consumption so you'll never be stranded. It also takes the outside temperature and you can program a reminder to pick up milk on the way home. You can even set a date to remind you that it's your anniversary. Phew...

Five doors. Your friends will love you for it.

Each Micra comes with five doors as standard so your friends can get in and out without feeling like they've just run an obstacle course. And the 60/40 seats fold down for more luggage room.

Your new best friend.

Finally there's a way to prevent your handbag, shopping or bottle of wine from becoming a projectile when you turn a sharp corner.