A supercar for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Can it record one of the fastest speeds of any volume production car at the Nürburgring?
Can you have a conversation with the passenger, driving at 300km/h on the Autobahn?
Can you experience true sports driving on a snowy road?
Can you cruise comfortably on any type of surface?
Can a single car answer “yes” to all of the above?

Innovation for all.

  • Twin turbo V6 engine (404kW / 628Nm)
  • Hand built and expertly tuned engine
  • Asymmetrical suspension system
  • High capacity braking system
  • High Performance 4WD system
GT-R Black Edition in Super Silver
Dry carbon-fibre rear spoiler
Interior of the GT-R Black Edition
Interior of GT-R Black Edition with Recaro leather accented front seats

GT-R Black Edition. Designed for the purist.

The connection between driver and machine gets even more intimate with the GT-R Black Edition’s supremely supportive, Recaro® leather accented front seats. Matching red leather on the door pulls and the shift lever are a perfect complement to the contrasting panels on the seats, with a finishing touch of red accents on the steering wheel. All combine to create a driver’s environment that is as distinctive as you would expect from this extraordinary vehicle.

Equally exhilarating, the Black Edition rides on RAYS® 6-spoke opal chrome black super-lightweight forged-alloy wheels, measuring 20" x 9.5" in front and 20" x 10.5" at the rear. A dry carbon-fibre composite rear spoiler ensures that the final impression you leave will be a most memorable one.∞

∞ Dry carbon-fibre requires specific maintenance. Please see your Owner’s Manual for details. Recaro® is a registered trademark of Recaro Beteiligungs-GmbH Corporation. RAYS® is a registered trademark of RAYS engineering.

The legend is real.

Strap yourself in. Press start. Feel that roar. That's a twin turbo V6 engine, which produces an incredible 404kW and 628Nm of torque. This makes the GT-R one of the fastest out there. So quick, it accelerates from 0-100km/h in only 2.7 seconds. But don't try this at home.

GT-R Premium Edition with ivory luxury interior trim option
GT-R Premium Edition
GT-R Premium Edition with luxury amber red and black interior trim option
GT-R Premium Edition with luxury amber red and black interior trim option
GT-R Premium Edition with ivory luxury interior trim option

The choice is yours

The 2014 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition takes style to a whole new level with a choice of two-tone amber red and black, ivory or all black interiors.

The new ivory luxury interior trim and amber red and black option sports hand stitched coloured leather over the front and back seats, armrest, door trim, glove box, park break and gear selector.

Nissan GT-R in Super Silver shown.

Ready to race. Ready to fly.

Take your Nissan GT-R for a hot lap. Select R Mode and the responsiveness of the gearshift and steering become sharper, the improved traction adds speed.

The transmission shifts the gear ratio into top speed mode, the damping force of the shock absorbers is fixed, and the VDCR maximises the torque distribution in the front and rear. You’ll feel the difference.

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power.

The Multi Function Meter uses a 7-inch monitor in the centre display to help you gauge your ultimate driving performance. Choose one of four displays: 1: Vehicle mechanical info like water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure.

2: Accelerator, brake, steering and Gforces. 3: Optimum gear selection for fuel economy. 4: Trip distance info including HDD satellite navigation with 3D mapping.

What handmade in Japan really means.

The engine and transmission of the Nissan GT-R are built one at a time, by one takumi (the highest skilled of all Japan's craftspeople), working in a dust-free clean room and each engine has a nameplate of the takumi that hand built the engine. Although some other supercars have engines built by hand, no other mass manufactured supercar approaches it the way we do. This is the kind of dedication to precision and attention to detail normally reserved for F1 vehicles.

Downforce and Less Air Resistance

Some very cool(ing) aerodynamics.

As well as creating downforce, the Nissan GT-R’s aerodynamics work to cool the engine, transmission and brakes.

Two flows of air are created: one cools the entire layer above the undercover, the other creates downforce. This keeps you on the road when you should be flying. How cool is that?

Get focused to outperform

The design of the cockpit is centred around the driver, to concentrate on what matters most – pure driving exhilaration. Start button, paddle shift, Multi Function Meter, stripped back dashboard gauges, tachometer and shift indicator - all pointed right at you to get the most from your driving performance.

Get focused to outperform.

Race tested on one of the world's most dangerous circuits.

The best place to test a supercar's speed and safety is incredibly dangerous - the Nürburgring, one of the fastest and most notorious circuits in the world of motor racing. And every time we shave a second or two off the car’s lap time, using exactly the same type of tyres, suspension and specification you buy we get a little bit closer to making the safest supercar available.

GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission

Transmission is where the race is won.

Drive in automatic A Mode with different ratios depending on driving conditions and the pressure of your foot on the pedal. You can also use paddle shift manual for complete control. It’s extraordinarily responsive.

The transmission also splits the torque between the front and rear wheels, giving you brilliant cornering performance and attuned acceleration on any road surface.

How Premium Midship design cheats gravity.

How Premium Midship design cheats gravity.

It doesn’t matter how fast a car goes. It needs to stay on the road. This is where Premium Midship design challenges convention. Prevailing theory dictates that sports cars need to be light.

However, we actually use the vehicle’s weight as an advantage, rather than a hindrance. This is how the GT-R handles beautifully at very fast speeds.

Race prepared safety.

The GT-R wouldn't be the supercar it is without high level safety. Super-wide beam headlights give you incredible visibility at night or in the wet. Also the large capacity brake system stops you in an emergency. It works with the Anti-lock Brake System and Vehicle Dynamic Control to prevent wheels from locking up, and keep you on the road. A professional wouldn't settle for less.