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  • Kidspot Nissan DUALIS Reviews

    07 August 2013

    Stylish design, innovative features, high performance; the Nissan DUALIS is the perfect car for your life today and for whatever the future may bring.

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  • car advice

    New Nissan DUALIS TS review

    11 June 2013

    Diesel engines are often the pick for SUV applications. The late addition of the Nissan DUALIS TS diesel gives the sub-compact SUV range a much-needed performance boost and an economy reduction. It does, however, cost more.

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  • cars guide

    New Nissan DUALIS TS adelaidenow review

    30 May 2013

    Petrol still powers most compact SUVs and cars like Nissan's new DUALIS TS turbo diesel are only ever going to make a minor dent in the numbers.

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  • carsales

    Nissan DUALIS Diesel 2013 Carsales Road Test

    29 May 2013

    Diesel engine makes DUALIS even more appealing – as long as manual and front-wheel drive is what you’re after

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  • the motor report

    Nissan DUALIS Review

    19 December 2012

    Nissan bills the Dualis as a hatchback. But what is it really? After all, in sales, it holds a healthy 23 percent of the small SUV market.
    And, with 188mm of ground clearance, unpainted plastic body cladding and an upright stance, it’s got more in common with a typical SUV than a typical hatch.
    But we can see where Nissan is coming from. Available in 2WD and AWD, the Dualis has the easy driveability and compact footprint of a hatch.

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  • car advice

    Nissan DUALIS Review

    20 August 2012

    The Nissan Dualis continues to be as popular in Australia as it in Europe, where it’s known as the Qashqai.
    Buyers continue to be charmed by the hybrid body style – which combines hatchback and compact SUV – from which the Dualis clearly derives its name.
    The design is also more urban friendly than that of the Nissan with which it’s twinned – the boxy and rugged X-Trail soft-roader.

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  • mamamia

    Mamamia Readers Review Nissan DUALIS

    15 June 2011

    The Nissan DUALIS is a stylish, well-sized car perfect for the city and out of town. With a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, CVT automatic transmission and a high driving position, the DUALIS provides a smooth and comfortable drive. The DUALIS Ti model features luxuries such as 18″ alloy wheels, panoramic moonroof and intelligent key to mention but a few. The readers who have been trialling the Nissan Murano and the Nissan DUALIS are going to be telling us what they thought of it.

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